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simply dance fridays miniblog

Posted on February 22, 2018 by ailsa. Uncategorized

I feel moved to write again after being a dancer last week at Simply Dance Fridays.

I had had a somewhat relaxing week until last Friday arrived and a number of things came my way work-wise and through friends that were disturbing to my equanimity to say the least. This contrast had left me feeling tired and like going into some kind of collapse on the Friday evening. However I kept my commitment to the session and to myself to show up and give myself over to the dance.
Why do I do this? Over many years of being on many dance floors for Movement Medicine, 5 Rhythms, and many other practices of Somatic Movement, I know that this is a space where I can tune in, reconnect, recognise and safely put emotional states into physical motion, feel the transformation of these dances and offer a kind of prayer for others and for myself. This dance floor gives me the opportunity to receive and offer an anchor of support in this constantly shifting perspective that is life, and to do this without losing my centre of gravity, and still enabling the ‘bubbles of joy’ to rise up and become yet another dance.
16 dancers came last week and brought a whole spectrum of dance – it was rocking thanks to Sophie Bolton’s DJ magic, and the energy carried me into the weekend in a really good way!

Both Ailsa and Sophie will be facilitating Simply Dance together this Friday 23rd February for a celebratory spring dance, so you are welcome show up and Simply Dance whatever you need to move, and let us do the rest!