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simply dance fridays miniblog

Posted on January 23, 2018 by ailsa. Uncategorized

written on 19th January 2018

I had the chance to be a participant for a change and last night’s experience of Simply Dance Fridays confirms again for me the value of this space to dance. There is a necessity, particularly in these times, to over and over re-connect with the holistic body’s intelligence, and to consciously move and listen to the condition of our body mind and heart.

I arrived last night, at the end of the week, overtired and a bit overwhelmed. Overtired from some semi sleepless nights, from the multi dimensions of life decisions turning over and over in a heady mind, from the challenges of social and environmental injustices, of how to support friends and family dealing with tough and painful situations that can feel insurmountable, and wondering how to stay sane, connected, well and even joyful/grateful at the same time. It was a challenge to show up feeling that way.

During the session I dance through many conditions in the body : of release and holding, of acceptance and intention, I feel fear and freedom and passion and resistance and I continually give them back to the dance and the body’s movement. At the end, I reach a point where I can somehow see a bit more clearly the physical world around me and slow down and enjoy a moment to moment presence. My body aches a little yet feels more connected and alive and I know more clearly what to do, how to take action that is more in the flow. A ‘clearing out’ at the end of the week is what it feels like, and there is a humanising and connecting sense that happens through being in a space with others, and moving all this interconnected stuff of our body-minds and hearts.
This is Dancing Freedom – this is Movement Medicine!

Thanks Sophie Bolton for facilitating, to Paul Hurley for bringing a car full of people and to returners from last week. My memorable track was a remix of Nick Mulvey’s ‘Cucurucu’, and a Boys Noize Remix called ‘Randy’ was a popular high energy track!
I will be facilitating next week playing some juicy tunes and giving some guidance on how to build on what’s already flowing and exploring different levels of awareness in movement from micro – meta. Hope to see you there, or at another Simply Dance Friday soon! See here in previous post for details

Ailsa x