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wildfeet day : 16th October OR 6th November

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if you have received an invite here’s what’s on offer:

take your pick : you can attend a  wildfeet : movers day on either the 16th October OR 6th November

I am only inviting 16 people initially and trust that I will end up with two small groups

please RSVP as soon as possible a yes (with a date) or no so I can organise accordingly. thank you!

here’s the info about the workshop:

wildfeet : movers is for those familiar with movement and dance as the focus of exploration. we will deepen attention and attune our sensitivity to the holistic body and the surrounding environment, working in the studio (  in the morning, lighting a fire and sharing food at lunchtime, then moving into the wider landscape in the afternoon. there will be the opportunity to work alone, to take a particular question of your choosing out into the landscape, and to receive responses and echoes from both the environment and this small group of wildfooted movers.

About Me:

As foundations for the work I draw on my intensive training in BodyWeather (with Tess De Quincey), Movement Medicine (I am fully qualified teacher and faciliator with the School of Movement Medicine), Goat Island Performance Company (Chicago)  and my own embedded experience as  movement artist, director, and teacher/facilitator.

My approach has evolved out of 20 years of professional practice. I specialise in site responsive, collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to making dance and performance. I also make solo work though this also evolves through some kind of collaboration including dialogues with human and non-human environments. I have been developing this particular strand of my practice and workshop programme since 2009 including  a series of hinterlands weekends.


Please send a deposit of £25 to secure your place (the full cost for the day is £40)

HSBC sort code and account number:


81262254 (Miss A. J. Richardson)

or send a cheque to me at the address in the invite e mail

hinterlands 2, root