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hinterlands 3 and other news

Posted on July 3, 2014 by ailsa. Uncategorized

hi to everyone reading!

I am not long back from a Movement Medicine gathering in Somerset ( I could hear Glastonbury festival in the distance from my tent!). I was there to co facilitate the annual Assembly of the Movement Medicine Association. It is quite an experience to facilitate consensus decision making in a gathering of 40 people and to witness the continuing development of a new organisation adopting the principles of Movement Medicine within its processes and practices. I witnessed a high level of consciousness amongst us of when it is the moment to raise our voice  in service to the larger whole, and when our listening presence is what is needed. I also witnessed a heart-full taking care of each other in what can be potentially vulnerable exchanges. (Most of those present went on to take part in the annual 72 hour Long Dance  where dancers form many countries gather to dance for nourishment, healing and support of all our relations, communities and the environment raising tens of thousands of pounds for many causes and charities.)

Part of my research and teaching is focussed on collaborative practices so this has been a valuable learning for me about the practice of decision making in large groups and what nourishes and supports the development of individuals that make up  a community/professional association. It has made me want to develop workshops and models for exploring this: the combination of support, creative development, collaboration and practical, everyday decision making.

Since I last posted I have also been part of the what_now residency at the Siobhan Davies Studios in London in April: this residency began with the provocation that the conditions for community have run aground and the time is nigh for new models and that the underlying question about how artists/dancers might contribute collectively to this call. See for more insights!

I was also on the Isle of Skye for a week on a BodyWeather intensive focussing on BODY/LANDSCAPE, led by Frank van de Ven from Amsterdam. We trained, lived and eat together and shared our creative investigations. BodyWeather is a training for everyday life as well as for performance/improvisaiton. A key aspect of BodyWeather is the concept of the ‘group body’, of the group moving through the individual body-mind , of the landscape moving through the body -mind as well as the body-mind moving through the landscape.


So these experiences go into the pot for the further development of workshops that I give and facilitate, that integrate threads from artistic practice, performer training and healing/self development.

The wildfeet workshops I run are informed by both Movement Medicine and BodyWeather and allow space to breathe a little deeper and absorb the landscape into your body, heart and mind and move, walk and wander in the landscape with this awareness. We do this in the context of a group which allows for support, play and witnessing of our discoveries. There are two coming up on July 13th at felinganol in West Wales and on August 2nd in Swansea: see the Movement Medicine workshop pages or wildfeet at felinganol and widlfeet Swansea on Facebook.

hinterlands 3 will be 12-15th September at the beautiful Penpynfarch in Carmarthenshire – see professional/artists pages for details – hinterlands allows for longer explorations of body and environment and space for the development of  individual creative practice in a collaborative context, it is aimed at artists, creatives, teachers and researchers in the field. please contact me if you are interested at

Last and very much not least  I have been giving some one-one training to welsh poet Susan Richardson (who by the way is currently in residence at Dylan Thomas’s boathouse in Laurghne) – we have been in exploring metamorphosis and what it might mean to perform the non-human. We have been moving out in the environment and in the village hall near where I grew up in North Pembrokeshire. It has been a  joy to be working in that landscape and diving into some of the fundamentals of performance and non-human manifestations! So I remember how it is also rich ground to explore one-one as well as in a group.

all the best to you all,

til next time,