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Posted on February 20, 2014 by ailsa. Uncategorized

I am running a day’s Movement Mediicne in Cardiff on March 2nd – see events diary  for more information or contact me. I also have plans for wildfeet days in West Wales ( I know I’ve been saying that for a while now, but it will happen!) and possibly Cork. Hinterlands will also happen again this year but not as I’d hoped in Yorkshire as we couldn’t find a workable date with the venue. I would still like to take it abroad but that will take a little more long term planning!

Earlier in the month I was at the Winter Dream Dance – a ceremony and gathering for School of Movement Medicine apprentices and teachers, I felt very grateful to be part of such a fantastic community of fascinating and inspiring people who I have now known and gone through intensive training with over many  years. It is a real support to have these ongoing gatherings where we can meet, be nourished, dream and share our ongoing experiences and stories.

I have a few performance projects I am ‘cooking’ to take place in Wales  and I’m currently seeking funding to kick start these. I will update you here when these get underway. February has been a month for getting out there and talking to people – it really helps to refine the ideas and know where I need to seek more support and creative partnerships. I am ready to make some work as an artist and director again and I hope this will feed back into the development of workshops, teaching and participatory work and eventually my PhD research which I am taking a break from til the Autumn.

I’d better go and put the March date and details in the diary, bye for now!

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