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Posted on January 14, 2014 by ailsa. Uncategorized

A New Year is underway. That’s obvious, and I’m sure many of you are feeling those readjustments that happen when we vow to change some things in our life and we find we have to realign ourselves in relation to one another!

I am trying to refine what I offer in terms of workshops and will be offering mostly day and weekend workshops this year, apart from possibly some evening and drop in classes near to home. You can stay updated on or join my e mail list by dropping me a mail or text.

In the spirit of  giveaway  I am starting this year offering a 2 hour Movement Medicine workshop in Swansea on the 18th January which precedes a kirtan fundraiser that Louise Thorndycraft (yoga teacher) is organising. This is not a day or weekend workshop you say, or close to home. True but this fits with another of my resolutions to make more partnerships  that nourish my work this year, whether these be with other teachers, artists, practitioners, or producers. And when I am travelling to a place to visit or attend a workshop that I run something whilst I’m there (which helps me to fund my being there – I have found that shortage of money can prevent me from travelling to do things I love and believe in so this helps solve that).

On the 29th January I will run a session at Penpynfarch studio in Carmarthenshire – one of my favourite places to work, and feels like one of my ‘homes’ for running workshops and developing work. This is a morning session and is part of a series that Eeva at Penpynfarch is organising called ‘this is somatic … and this…and this’ in which invited practitioners from different fields share their ‘somatic practice’. I will be introducing Movement Medicine and BodyWeather which I draw on in my work as teacher, artist, performer and director.

On Feb 2nd there will be a second wildfeet day in Swansea exploring new growth and embodiment working indoors and out. This marks the festival of Imbolc – my favourite of the festivals marking the turning points in the year.

In March I will be running a session for MAs in Performance Research at Bristol University on their module ‘Performing the Body’ – it will be good to teach there again but I am really sorry to hear that the MA course will no longer be funded after this year.

Please see workshop pages, calendar and facebook pages for more info.